Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Fun day!

We took the day off from work and went to Roseburg. We hung out with our friends Brook, Val and Charlie and went to Wildlife Safari. I can't lie, I was a bit nervous about how Braylin would handle the animals since she was terrified of the fish at the aquarium. But to our surprise and delight, she loved it! (When she noticed them. She was too busy playing with Charlie.) Braylin and Charlie were the best tour guides as they babbled back and forth. It was so sweet! After the safari, we went back to Brook and Val's and let Braylin and Charlie play. These pictures are completely out of order, but it will have to do.

Braylin loved the pretty flowers on the porch. (Due to her Mother's brown thumb, she had not experienced this before.)
Our family photo on the porch swing.
As you can see through the pics, they both loved playing with plastic spoons.
Looking out the window at their dads.

Yes, Braylin is filthy, but it was all good fun! She had just stolen the spoon from Charlie and was quite pleased about it.
Milkshakes at Sonic were buy one get one free! Braylin loves a good milkshake!
This picture was taken in honor of Mavis and Aunt Judy.
I really tried to get a picture of Braylin looking at the animals. This was the best I got. (giraffe)
It was such an adventure. Braylin loved not being in her car seat, and most of all wanted the camera. I snapped this just in time before she grabbed it. Look at those blue eyes!

It was a WONDERFUL day. Thanks Brook and Val for taking us on a Safari and letting our kids play! We love you guys!

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