Friday, October 16, 2009

6 Months and Beyond

Braylin turned 6 months on our Texas/Arkansas trip. Before we left she had her 6th month check-up and shots. Her stats are:
Height: 29 inches (Still the 99th percentile)
Weight: 17lbs 12oz (84th percentile)

The picture below is waiting for her shots. She was a trooper!

Uncle Jay taught Braylin how to 2-step at Texas Roadhouse.
For those of you who don't know, our family has a tradition of making vietnamese egg rolls. The whole fam was together so we had to teach Braylin how to make them. She was a big helper rolling egg rolls!
When digging through stuff at Papaw's, we found pictures of him holding us while frying egg rolls, so we are carrying on the tradition with her frying egg rolls with Poppy!
Amy let us borrow her walker, and boy did it come in handy. Bray girl loved it!
After seeing the Duty side of the family, we drove to Arkansas to see the Kindberg family.
Uncle Jake with Braylin outside of Grandma Kindberg's house
We had some family photos taken at a waterfall without water.
Granny and Pop Pop with Braylin
Our little Cuddle Bug with Granny.
It's not always fun and games. This is her seriously sad face. She was starving and tired of that car seat!
Snuggling with Aunt Sarah
Getting love from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Josh (Josh, you can stop whining about not being on the blog now!)
I cannot believe that she is already half of a year old. Watching her grow and develop is so much fun. It is crazy seeing new things she does even daily. She is really really working on sitting alone. She is great at grabbing things (especially glasses off your face). She has gotten really good about putting her own pacifier in as well as making new sounds, talking and singing. We have taken this girl everywhere and she is so amazing to be content wherever we are. We have been so incredibly blessed with a mild tempered angel girl. It has been such a joy watching family and friends truly love her. We are blessed beyond belief with love and support that has been showered on our family.

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