Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a tooth!

FINALLY! It seems like sweet Braylin has been teething for months, and we finally have a result from all the trauma. (She wasn't too terribly bad, but I'm not looking forward to tooth number 2!)  1 tooth down...

Now that Braylin is over 4 months old, we are actually getting into somewhat of a routine. The store is becoming more manageable to aid in this new routine, and it is wonderful. Of course we are still working more like I would like, but that's owning a business for you.  (To all of you who want to own a business for the flexible hours...just work for the man. You'll save yourself a lot of time, trouble and headaches!) Braylin has already gotten tired of the store (we all have to work too much!).  She will fuss and whine, and after trying everything to make her happy, the moment we stroll into the mall, she is fine.  I guess she is bored of our stuff and needs a change of scenery.

 Braylin love loves her rice cereal. She is now eating it twice a day, but I think she'd love to have it more often. (She may look like daddy, but she gets her love of food from her mama!) We also may have a muscle woman on our hands. Braylin has always loved her swing, but her new game is to try to sit up and lean as far forward as she can. She is strapped in, but I am still nervous that she is going to roll out of the front of it. (I'll try to post a pic of that later.)

We have been trying to add in as many end of summer events for the youth group as we possible can. We had a cookout swim party last week. Braylin had so much fun in the swing. (As you can see in the pic below) We are having a campout this weekend (You don't have to wish me luck. Braylin and I will be sleeping inside. I'm not so outdoorsy.)  Hopefully I will get some great pics to post for next week. 

Braylin sleeps best in our bed. I hope this is not going to be a habit. As crazy as things have been for us, it's easier for me to just let her sleep in our bed sometimes.  I'll deal with the ramifications of that later...

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Monday, August 10, 2009

4 Months and Fantastic!

Well, we made it to month 4. It seems like it has flown by, but in a way it seems like forever ago when we came home from the hospital.  Weighing in at 15 pounds 8 ounces and being 27 1/2 inches, Braylin is at the top of her class (in the percentile ranges at least!) Braylin loves to grab her feet and suck on her toes (the proof is in the scratches around her ankles. No matter how short I cut her nails, she still manages to scratch herself.) We had a major heat wave this summer. (Hence the naked pictures. We don't normally parade her around without clothing, but not having A/C can be a doozy!) Bray is a drooling machine, but STILL no sign of any teeth. 

Thank goodness for the pack-n-play. This is what we use at the store to keep Braylin entertained and contained. She LOVES her giraffe friends. 

Isn't she the prettiest thing you have ever seen? 
Braylin wants to stand or sit up constantly, so with some giftcards we got her a jumperoo.  She is getting the hang of it, but isn't actually jumping yet. 

                                                                Silly mom and Bray
She's a BIG girl now! Daddy fed her rice cereal for the first time. She kept leaning in for more. She would take a bite then try to shove her foot in her mouth too. Rice cereal between the toes...yummy!    
I included more pictures of the store for those of you who aren't here. We are finally getting into a routine, so it's not as overwhelming as it has been. 

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