Thursday, April 12, 2012

Before you know it, a year goes by...

I know that it is comical that I am actually blogging. Life never seems to slow down and I never have time to get everything done, but now that I am anxiously awaiting Piper Kate's arrival (Yes, we are having another girl), I am finding myself sitting today, so I figure I might as well be somewhat productive. Yes, I realize it has been a year since my last blog....serious fail. I will not recap the whole year, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

As far as our lives go, Joel is still in Seminary and has transferred to Southwestern. It has simplified our lives a ton and he is still really enjoying school. We are still working as Resident Parents at Happy Hill Farm Academy. Braylin and Camden are growing like crazy and are the sweetest little things. They love each other and are great playmates.

Since I need so start somewhere, here are pics from our Easter Break.

It all started by having a picnic at "the play-park" as Braylin calls it.

We pretended to be at the beach by bringing beach toys to the sand volleyball court.
Easter Egg hunting was so much fun at Nanna and Poppy's (they did not grow weary even though there might have been overkill on the number of eggs for 2 little kids)

We celebrated Braylin's birthday with a trip to the zoo. Thanks to Jill, Kevin, Jay and Traci for the passes. We can't wait to go back!
They made a friend :)
We ended Easter Break with a picnic and play time at Big Rock Park. We seriously underestimated how soaked they would become while wading in the river. We were so impressed that Camden could actually walk in the currant.
We ended Braylin's actual birthday with a Princess themed party with the girls. Braylin loved the attention she got when everyone sang to her, although she later told Joel "It made me kind of shy."

As life is only going to get more hectic with Piper, my goal is to blog again in a year. Anything more than that, folks, is going to be a bonus!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

I know it is sad that we skipped right over Braylin's Birthday and went straight to Easter. We had big plans for her turning 2, but a nasty stomach bug was passed through our family for over a week. There is nothing quite like a 2 year old throwing up everywhere except having an 8 month old looking at you while throwing up not understanding what is happening. It was so sad! We ended up just having a little birthday dinner and cake at Mom and Dad's. Sorry Braylin, you kinda got ripped off. There's always next year...

We had a wonderful Easter Break. It was very low key and we were all healthy. Big win for us! This is the best family picture we could get. It's hard to keep 2 year old Braylin still.

As mentioned in my last post, Camden does not sleep. Joel had the brilliant idea of putting a pallet on the floor next to Braylin so they could talk and maybe she would be the comfort he needed. He slept 4 hours straight that night. (That is a successful night of sleep for Camden). The picture below is the set up. We decided to let Camden sleep there during nap time the next day too.
When he woke up, we found him crying here:

Our little roly poly managed to get all the way under the bed.

These pics are Camden making up for being such a stinker at night times. It is a good thing he is so cute.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top Tens

I would first like you to take a look at the name of this blog. It is our ATTEMPT....obviously a terrible one since Camden has been born. There is so much to catch up on, I don't even know where to begin.

I have started and stopped this blog so many times, so I finally came up with a manageable plan.

Here are the Top Ten things about each kid since the last blog:

TOP TEN CAMDEN: (These are not in any particular order)

10. Camden loves Braylin. She makes him laugh all the time even when Mama is afraid she is hurting him. He still cries when he hears her crying. He is such a sensitive little thing.

9. Camden has 6 teeth. 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Camden has more hair than Braylin dreamed of at this age.

8. Camden will laugh at almost anything. He loves to smile and will at most interactions. He loves for us to sing at bedtime. He also leans over and gives kisses. It's a sweet slobbery mess.

7. Camden is 22 pounds already at just over 8 months old.

6. Camden is not very mobile, but he will figure out any way possible to get to a visible tag. He scoots, reaches and rolls. He loves to sit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (Yes, I know TV is not the best for him at this age, but I have to be able to get stuff done sometimes.)

5. Camden is a little social butterfly. He cannot be further from independent. He loves to be held and at the least be within arms reach of someone. He often says "mamamamamamamamamamamam" or "dadadadadadadadadadadadadada, or "bubububububububububu" for attention. It works most of the time. It's pretty cute!

4. Camden does not sleep. Neither does Mama. We have worked tirelessly trying new systems and methods. Braylin was never this stubborn. Suggestions anyone?? (Of course Poppy can get him to sleep with little to no effort....As mom would say, "that goes in the life's not fair column")

3. The good thing about Camden's sociableness is that he will let anyone hold him. Most of the time he acts better for others than for me. I tell Joel that I can see hamburgers in his eyes when he looks at me. Every time he looks at me he wants to eat. (This is the reason he is already 22 pounds)

2. Camden loves the challenge of peas. I throw some on a highchair and he will sit for a long period of time trying to eat them.

1. Camden's favorite time of day is taking a bath with Braylin. He does not mind the splashing, and he loves to scoot around and chew on the toys.


10. Braylin loved Christmas this year. It was so fun to see her go from toy to toy genuinely excited about each. She loved having aunts and uncles to play with too.

9. Braylin had surgery January 31st. For those of you in Texas, yes, it was during the crazy ice and snow that shut everything down for a week. She did very well. The doctor told us that she is a dramatic child, but she really did well at the hospital. Recovery was longer than we would have liked. She had to be put on several meds to stop the pain and bladder spasms, but all in all, it was a fairly easy process. GOD IS GOOD!

8. Braylin is not yet 2 and can work an iphone better than most adults. She will turn on music while she looks through pictures, plays her favorite games (yes, she knows which apps to push and will occasionally text or Facebook message people.) Sorry to those of you who have gotten jumbled messages.

7. Braylin is catching on and learning the songs we sing everyday. The sweetest thing is to hear her sing the "Special Song". We will be riding in the car and she will start singing, "Daddy, daddy daddy dear"-- It melts my heart every single time!

6. Braylin loves babies. She loves her Bubba most of all, she loves baby dolls and she loves seeing babies in public. She may offend everyone around though, because she can't get the word "baby" down. Every time she sees a baby she says, "A puppy, Mama" I love that Braylin loves her Bubba and will call him nothing else. She can say "Cam" and she can say "den". When I say, "Braylin, say Camden" she smiles and says "Bubba"!

5. She can be quite bossy, She will tell everyone where to sit so she can play exactly how she wants to. She often has me sit on the floor next to Bubba while she "fixes" my hair. This consists of painfully brushing through my hair then finishes it off with some lotion. The finished product is as beautiful as it sounds.

4. Braylin loves her Bible and loves reading it before bed every night. She is often too distracted by looking through her Bible to sing the songs. That's a pretty good problem to have, I think.

3. Everyone who meets Braylin and spends any time with her, comes up with the same adjective to describe her..."busy". (Maybe this is why it has taken me so long to blog.)

2. Braylin has the same routine every morning. When I wake her up and change her diaper, she sings "sots and shoes, sots and shoes", as soon as I get her socks and shoes on, she asks for a bow. Once the bow is in, she asks for a "powse". Once she has a purse, she says "bye" and blows a kiss to go out the door. (This is our version of "If you give a mouse a cookie". With us it's "if you give Braylin socks..."She LOVES going places. Even if it is just to the driveway.

1. Braylin is at such a fun stage. She is learning so many words every day. She repeats what I say. She wants to help and will generally do what I ask of her. She loves to "peep" (sweep), bring things to Bubba, wash her hands, go "side" (outside), "pway" (play) and watch "Bora" (Dora, but mainly because she loves Boots). Visiting "Nanny" and "Poppy" is a favorite, even though we constantly correct her to say "Nanna". Okay, I am getting out of hand as clearly this is more than 1 point. Braylin turns 2 in 5 days, so maybe I will blog more then... No promises.....

Our sweet snuggle bugs!
This is Braylin prepping for Surgery. She had no idea what was coming!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Well, Camden is following in his sister's footsteps. He has 2 teeth at 4 months! I know it may be a weird thing to say that he loves his teeth, but he really does. He will spit out his paci and suck on his teeth. It's pretty precious. We are going to the Dr. next week, but I think he is pretty close to passing Braylin up in weight. He is so stinkin heavy!

Braylin has been battling UTI's again. We were at the ER last night because she had a fever of 104.4 *ugh. My poor baby girl! The good news however, is that we FINALLY have a surgery date. January 31st she will have surgery at Cook's. We are so ready to get this over with and to hopefully be done with UTI's.

Christmas is almost here, and we couldn't be more excited. We are actually getting to have time to celebrate this year. Braylin is ready too. She points at the presents under the tree and says "peas?". We are looking forward to having some down time with family.

I have not done a very good job documenting all the words she says, but a few that she says the most are "puppy" "kiki"(kitty kitty) "foe"(phone) "es hot" (it's hot) and "Bubba e Bubba" (she says "e" for "its")

It's so sweet that Braylin loves Camden so much! They are both pretty sensitive when it comes to the other one crying. Which often ends up with everyone crying.

Here are a couple of pictures from last week.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My big ole babies having a Merry Thanksmas!

I woke up this morning with a strange sadness about how big my babies are. Camden is 4 months old today. 4 months...somehow I feel like I have missed out on his newborn stage. (this could be that it only took him 3 weeks to far surpass his age range in clothes, but still....I'm so sad that it's already gone.) I still have baby weight hanging around to remind me, but that's not quite the reminder I am looking for. Anyway, besides Camden, I was watching a video of Braylin from 2 months ago, and it is AMAZING how much she has grown. She is understanding more, mimicking more (which is scary sometimes) and saying more words and ideas every single day. It is fun and exciting but also makes me a little weary thinking of the unknown struggles I will soon be facing.

We are running full force into the holidays. We had to combine holidays and have them both early to have almost everyone (we missed you Jacob) together for the Kindberg family gathering. It was properly named "Thanksmas" and was worth every second of time together. Josh and Jessica were wonderful hosts, Granny and Pop Pop did way too much with gifts (THANKS again) and we enjoyed seeing Aunt Sarah and meeting Justin (Sarah's boyfriend).

We spent the rest of the week at Nanna and Poppy's house. We hung out sorta decorated for Christmas, went to the light parade and watched the Thanksgiving Day parade and dog show over and over.

Just for comparison sake, here is Braylin at 4 months eating rice cereal for the first time.
Here is Camden at 4 months eating rice cereal for the first time. Like Braylin, he was a huge fan! It's okay to laugh...the comparison is hysterical!
Braylin and Daddy are watching the light parade.

Braylin "helping" decorate the Christmas tree.
And here are some "Thanksmas" Pics
Aunt Sarah is amazing and gave Braylin her first haircut! We LOVE it!
Camden snuggling with Sarah
Uncle Tim came over and hung out for a night too! Cam seemed to enjoy spending time him :)
Granny had the magic touch with Camden. She could put him to sleep when no one else could!

Braylin loved playing at the park She still loves to swing and had a blast playing with the "bawl" (her precious little accent) and she liked sliding with aunt Jessica.
One socked Camden chillin with Uncle Josh

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today both Camden and Braylin had checkups. While Braylin was a CHAMP with her shot, Camden struggled (and is still sensitive) with his 3 shots. Poor little guy...

Camden is almost 3 months
Mr Chubkins weighed in at a whopping 17lbs and was 26 inches long (The nurse measured twice thinking she had to have been wrong)
Braylin is 18 months
Little Miss Cowgirl weighed in at 25lbs and was 33 inches tall.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just pics

This is a long time coming, and these pics are way out of order, but it's better than nothing!
Bray at Jill and Kevin's pool
The sweetest big sister. (She can be quite aggressive when it comes to loving on her bubba. "Bubba" is her new favorite word!)
Our bathtub escapee
Camden and poppy
Camden and Pop Pop
Braylin and Granny
Camden and Great Grandma Kindberg
T I N Y Camden and Daddy
Braylin and Daddy matching
Good times with the Grubbs!
Snuggle time with Daddy!
BIG Girl!
Granny and Camden
Aunt Traci with Bray and a little bit of Paisley.
Uncle Jake and Braylin at the hospital.

In Austin with Cousin Dusty.
The Sweetest Babies in the world!

Humpty Dumpty at 2 months!

This is a splash of the last 10 weeks. Hope you enjoyed!

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