Friday, May 29, 2009

More Family Fun

Jack, Karla and Sarah came for Memorial Weekend to meet Ms. Braylin. It was a fast and furious but wonderful time.  As you can tell, Braylin wasn't starved for attention! We got to walk on the river path, show them all around eugene, and we went to the coast.  Here are some pics of all the fun! 

                                                         Braylin and her Pop Pop

It was a very windy day (obviously) Braylin was such a trooper hanging out (literally) in the elements. 

Granny or Ganny or Grandma (it hasn't been decided yet) dressed her up for church (and changed her as often as possible! It's too fun dressing up our little doll. )
Braylin loves her Aunt Sarah! (And I think Aunt Sarah loves her back!)

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Like Capturing the loch ness Monster...

I have attempted many times to capture the most beautiful little smile in the whole world.I started to think it was impossible.  Braylin is a really happy baby, but when I try to take a picture, the flash startles her and she makes this weird squishy face.  This morning Bray was in a particularly good mood (probably because Aunt Sarah and Ganny and Pop Pop are coming today) and we ended up with......

                                     .....the most gorgeous gummy grin!! She has started laughing, and I don't think anything could make me so happy. 

 This was an attempt earlier this week to get a smile. It is pretty close!

Braylin has really been talking and babbling a ton lately. She is telling me it is about time to eat! (Just like her mama, this girl doesn't skip a meal!)

                                                                     Our Little Thug 
On Wednesday Braylin and I watched the youth group play ultimate frisbee. It was pretty chilly, so she needed to wear her hoodie. It's still a little big, but it worked. 

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Bottles and Birthdays

Happy Birthday Nanna! Braylin loves you just as much as you love her! I took a little too long to take the picture and a pacifier became a must! (It was naptime) We wish we could be with you celebrating your birthday, but know that we love you and are thinking about you. 

Look at her go! Yesterday Dad tried his hand at feeding her her 1st bottle. She did GREAT! There were no hesitations...she doesn't care where it comes from as long as she gets to eat! This is going to be a nice alternative so I can have a break with feedings every now and then.

I realized we have gone on several walks but don't have any pictures of her in her stroller where you can actually see her. This is in our house after a walk. 

                                                                       Tummy Time!

Tummy time was short lived. Bray and Pay spending some quality time together. 

Paisley has been such a good dog with Braylin. She likes to be close, but not too close. She is a little mama. Anytime Braylin cries Paisley is right there to find out what is wrong. Paisley is always calm around her too. We are so thankful to not ever have to worry about having a dog and a baby in the same room.  

And for all those dog lovers out there, Paisley still gets tons of love and attention. 

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Monday, May 11, 2009

celebrate good times


(Aunt Sarah sent this ADORABLE dress, and this picture really shows the size of those feet!)

It is so hard to believe that a month has already past. Okay, so I am stealing Sharon's idea of taking a picture in the same place each month and watching the growth. (Hope you don't mind, Sharon) I want to recap what happens each month of Braylin's here goes month 1.

What a month it was! Obviously you were born, sweet girl. It was such a great experience and really seems like a blur now. You were 3 days early (which is so much better than being late!) You had lots of visitors this month. Nanna, Poppy, Uncle Jacob and Uncle Tim came to Oregon right when they heard you were here. Aunt Jill also came as soon as she could. This month you have grown and inch and have gained almost 2 pounds. You are just growing so quickly. You got to take Paisley to the dog park, you went shopping at the mall (several times), you went on many walks, you had a special blessing over you at church and have already been working at ZIDA some.

This month has been so fun watching you grow and change. Your mom and dad have loved every minute of you being here (even at 4am when you have poopy diapers.) You are such a joy and gift. We can't stop thanking God for the blessing you are to us. We love love LOVE you!

My first Mother's Day

It was such a strange thing to actually be the one being spoiled on Mother's Day. It is so surreal. I have only begun the journey of mommyhood, and still have so much to learn and look forward too, but so far it has been AMAZING! It's the little things that make it so fun. Yesterday I looked at the tiny little socks and was overwhelmed with how awesome it is to be a mom and to feel so much love for this tiny little person.

The day started off with my favorite donut in bed. Then, Joel took Braylin and let me sleep an extra 3 hours (that was a great gift!) Church was awesome. Little Bray gave me a flower at church (with some help from dad) Joel and I LOVE to go to the movies, so for Mother's Day, we decided to try and see if we could make it through a whole movie with her after lunch. And.....she made it....mostly. About 3/4 of the way through I took her to the back of the theatre to walk around. She went back to sleep and I was able to see the movie, so we considered it a success.

Reflecting on the past month has been a reminder of just how blessed we are. I pray we never take for granted the gift of family and the gift of being a parent. I pray that God will give us an abundance of wisdom and patience as the challenges of raising a child grow.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week #3

It turns out that having an infant makes the days fly by. I can't believe it has been almost a week since the last blog. I have the greatest intentions, but the follow through is difficult! I would like to say this week has been exciting, but I'm not sure where the time went. Braylin and I have been coming to work some which has really been easier than I thought it would be. She really sleeps most of the time, and the customers love to see her. She is a great worker and store mascot :)

Thanks to Poppy, Braylin is officially a bow head. I just LOVE it, and she doesn't seem to mind. She has at least 1 bow that will match each outfit. Even though she is not technically from Texas, I want her to look like she is!
This is Bray girl helping mom work. I think she is getting cuter by the day! Her little cheeks are getting so chubby which just gives us more to kiss! 

This is the basket Braylin sleeps in next to our bed. We haven't gotten the courage to let her sleep in her own room yet. This baby basket was Jay's and has been used for ALL of the Duty family members and beyond. The names of all the babies that have used the basket are written on the bottom of it, and it is an extensive list. 

                       This was Braylin's first day of work. She's doing what she does best!

                         Here is our little burrito trying NOT to go to sleep. Little stinker!!

I will try to better about blogging. Thanks again for the bows, dad!!

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