Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today both Camden and Braylin had checkups. While Braylin was a CHAMP with her shot, Camden struggled (and is still sensitive) with his 3 shots. Poor little guy...

Camden is almost 3 months
Mr Chubkins weighed in at a whopping 17lbs and was 26 inches long (The nurse measured twice thinking she had to have been wrong)
Braylin is 18 months
Little Miss Cowgirl weighed in at 25lbs and was 33 inches tall.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just pics

This is a long time coming, and these pics are way out of order, but it's better than nothing!
Bray at Jill and Kevin's pool
The sweetest big sister. (She can be quite aggressive when it comes to loving on her bubba. "Bubba" is her new favorite word!)
Our bathtub escapee
Camden and poppy
Camden and Pop Pop
Braylin and Granny
Camden and Great Grandma Kindberg
T I N Y Camden and Daddy
Braylin and Daddy matching
Good times with the Grubbs!
Snuggle time with Daddy!
BIG Girl!
Granny and Camden
Aunt Traci with Bray and a little bit of Paisley.
Uncle Jake and Braylin at the hospital.

In Austin with Cousin Dusty.
The Sweetest Babies in the world!

Humpty Dumpty at 2 months!

This is a splash of the last 10 weeks. Hope you enjoyed!

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