Friday, September 25, 2009

In Honor of Papaw and Memom

I have thought of what this blog might say for over a week now. Nothing seems good enough, so I am just going to type and whatever happens, happens. The past 2 weeks have been a crazy whirlwind. Joel and I left after church 2 Sundays ago to drive to Jill's in LA to do some shopping for our store. We got there at 4am (Braylin is such a trooper!) slept until 10, then went to LA to start the fun. About 3 hours in to our shopping, Jill got a phone call that was quite unexpected. My dad had called to say that Papaw had suddenly died. It was a blessing that Jill, Kevin, Joel, Braylin and I were all together. We were able to rush back to Jill's, get packed, find flights and head out at 6am to Texas.

Papaw was the absolute greatest grandfather you could ask for. Growing up with grandparents living across the street is a bigger blessing than I could even imagine. The love and support that was in our daily lives is immeasurable. Papaw loved to take us out on the boat, to come to all of our basketball games and concerts and musicals. Everyone who knew us, knew Memom and Papaw, because they were such a big part of our lives. Memom and Papaw loved us and all of the people we loved so much. They just wanted to be involved in our lives....even taping Rangers games we went to just in case we were on TV. We miss both of them so much, but could not be happier that they are together in the presence of God.
I am so thankful that Paps was able to meet little Braylin. I wish she would have gotten to know him more as I know he would have been the best great grandfather! I also wish she would have gotten to meet Memom, but we will share many memories and stories of their lives. Their legacy of love will not be forgotten.

Papaw loved to didn't matter where he was. He was singing to Braylin when this picture was taken. She really enjoy it!

Braylin was in incredible traveler. We drove 15 hours, flew to Texas, flew back to LA, then drove another 15 hours. That's a lot of miles to take such a little girl on. She was great though! This is Braylin and daddy on the plane.
This is Braylin in the car ride home from LA. She is holding her favorite giraffe (Thanks Gammy Susan!)
Our little bird girl! Nanna found a way to keep Braylin happy at restaurants. We have used this trick many times since. Water in a straw is such a treat!!
It was a along week for all of us. Poppy was so generous in helping Braylin get to sleep :) (Everyone wanted that job!!)
Braylin loves sitting in a bumbo (especially when she gets food!)
Braylin got her first wings. She doesn't seem happy about it, but I got the picture!
Braylin has been doing these monster like faces. It starts as a smile and ends up like this. It is not attractive but really funny. (I have about 74 of these was a long car ride, and I couldn't help myself.)

It has been a long hard 2 weeks, but God is so good giving peace and comfort. His timing is perfect (Paps always said this) and I am so thankful that Braylin was able to give such happiness, love, kisses and snuggles during this time.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Fab 5!

Can Braylin already be 5 months? It has been the sweetest, cuddliest, craziest 5 months of our lives. It's amazing how quickly things can change. I feel like once I have things under control and a system down, something changes. She is eating more rice cereal, she is waking up in the middle of the night again. I guess that's just Braylin growing up. This little social butterfly loves to talk (more like screeching at a pitch Mariah Carey would envy) at 2am. The funny thing is, she isn't fussy, she just wants attention and someone to talk to. I know I will look back and miss these days. (It's just hard to savor the moments at 2am!)

Braylin has decided she is going to be a thumb sucker. (It's easier to put in her mouth than the paci once she has knocked it out.) She keeps her hand sideways though...its her own gangsta style. She is always chewing on something. She has 2 teeth, and I have a feeling more are right around the corner. Braylin now loves to give kisses. I have given up an wearing most make-up. She drools all over my face giving me kisses that it just gets taken off anyway.

We celebrated her 5 month birthday at cheesecake factory. (Or so we told Braylin) I am convinced Braylin loves avocado egg rolls because I craved them when I was pregnant. (Let's be honest though, I crave them not pregnant too. If you have never had them, you are missing out on a gift from above!)
Braylin with Mom and Dad at Cheesecake Factory.

Our big blue eyed beauty.
We had a campout with the youth group. Being so social wore Braylin out early. We ended up going home for an early bedtime.
Happy 5 Month Birthday Little Girl! You are more fun than we ever thought possible. We love that just about anything will make you smile. There is nothing better on earth than to see you smile and hear your sweet laugh.

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