Saturday, March 27, 2010

A week with Aunt Jill

Joel took the youth kids on a mission trip over Spring Break. Braylin and I really missed him, but Aunt Jill came to spend the whole week with us. We had to work the store most of the time, but we still managed to have fun. Here is a recap of the week:

Working with mom and Aunt Jill is so much fun!
We went shopping several times!
Braylin would wave at people passing by or coming into the store. What a friendly welcome! (We are training her early!)
Braylin loves the pretty girl in the mirror. She stopped giving us kisses and would only kiss the mirror. (Is the word "Zida" rubbing off on her??) *Zida means vanity in chinese.
She loved crawling to the shiny jewelry and would try so hard to get it in her mouth. (She was just checking to see if they were real diamonds)

We had a mini Birthday Party
She liked mommy and Jill's dessert better than the cupcake
And she finished off with a cookie.
She rode the carousel (not the easiest thing at this age)
She loved it though.
Aunt Jill and Uncle Kevin got her new toys. The lion was so helpful because she could cruise in the store on her own.
We had such a good time. Thank you again Aunt Jill for all your help, especially at such short notice. It is such a blessing to have you in our lives.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, how time flies!

My sweet little angel is 11 months old. She is more and more fun every day. I have spent the past hour trying to figure out how to get the video from my camera on to this computer, and have officially thrown in the towel. Braylin is now crawling (if that's what you want to call it) It looks a bit like you would picture the hunchback of Notre Dame if he were to crawl. She stays very hunched and crawls is quite entertaining! She is also walking along everything, and I am quickly realizing how unprepared and not child friendly our house is. She is also developing quite the personality. She had started making a face that we couldn't figure out. Then we realized she is mocking me. Apparently when I laugh, I toss my head back, close my eyes and laugh with my mouth wide open. She will look at us and throw back her head, closes her eyes tight and smiles as big as she can. (It's pretty darn cute!)

Her Baby BROTHER is growing too! I am 19 weeks along and feel like my belly doubles in size daily. We are thrilled to be having a boy and are beginning to look at and think about boy stuff. It feels like a major shift of gears. It will also be quite the challenge to create a nursery the two of them can share, but we are up for the challenge!

During the past few weeks, we got to have Joel's parents come out and stay with us as well as going on a very quick and packed trip to Texas (Sorry I didn't have a chance to see all my friends there. It was a crazy time!)

In preparation for Jack and Karla's arrival, Braylin and I weeded the flower beds. (Man, you can tell by this picture that it was much needed.) Braylin ended up eating dirt and crying that she was eating dirt. It was a continued cycle until I gave up and went back inside. It was such a pretty day though!

Granny Karla was helping her get ready for church in her pretty new outfit!

After church, Braylin got to have Mucho Gusto for the first time (and maybe the last) She had to go straight to the bath tub.
We went to visit Uncle Jay and Aunt Traci and they got her those CUTE monkey pajamas! You can tell she pretty much loves them!

And she snuggled right into Nanna to go to sleep.

The weather in Texas was PERFECT! We got to go on several walks.

This one wore her out!
This picture is for my dad and anyone who knows my dad. Mom and Dad took Braylin to the bow store. Girlfriend has 28 bows....a little over the top, you think? She may not have been born in Texas, but by golly she will look like she was!

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