Thursday, December 16, 2010


Well, Camden is following in his sister's footsteps. He has 2 teeth at 4 months! I know it may be a weird thing to say that he loves his teeth, but he really does. He will spit out his paci and suck on his teeth. It's pretty precious. We are going to the Dr. next week, but I think he is pretty close to passing Braylin up in weight. He is so stinkin heavy!

Braylin has been battling UTI's again. We were at the ER last night because she had a fever of 104.4 *ugh. My poor baby girl! The good news however, is that we FINALLY have a surgery date. January 31st she will have surgery at Cook's. We are so ready to get this over with and to hopefully be done with UTI's.

Christmas is almost here, and we couldn't be more excited. We are actually getting to have time to celebrate this year. Braylin is ready too. She points at the presents under the tree and says "peas?". We are looking forward to having some down time with family.

I have not done a very good job documenting all the words she says, but a few that she says the most are "puppy" "kiki"(kitty kitty) "foe"(phone) "es hot" (it's hot) and "Bubba e Bubba" (she says "e" for "its")

It's so sweet that Braylin loves Camden so much! They are both pretty sensitive when it comes to the other one crying. Which often ends up with everyone crying.

Here are a couple of pictures from last week.

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