Thursday, July 22, 2010

Change is here!

No, Camden is not here yet, but this is a crazy time for us. For those of you who don't know, we are in the final stages of liquidating our store. Yes, an insane task right before having another child. Our goal is to be done by the end of July, so we can focus on Camden's arrival at the beginning of August. Once he is born and gets cleared, we are moving back to Texas. Joel is starting Seminary in Dallas on September 7th. We are still trying to work out the other details of our lives, and would appreciate prayers for those to be worked out. It will be such a blessing being close to family!

An update on Braylin:

Our sweet little girl has been battling UTI's for about 2 months (that we have known, at least). After going to several Dr's and having several less than pleasant tests run, we found out that she has reflux. She is having to take daily antibiotics to clear up and prevent more infection for about a month. Once we are in TX, we will be seeing a specialist about having a procedure done to hopefully correct the problem. If it doesn't work, we will be looking at a more invasive surgery.

We know that God is sovereign and has a plan for us and can more than take care of Braylin. Even though things are hectic, we are looking forward to the next chapter in our lives to see what the Lord has for us.

Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers during this crazy time.

I added some random pictures from the last month.

Joel needed to use the car to take some kids to lunch, so he brought in Braylin's car seat. She loved her seat being in the living room. She just wanted to be strapped in with a couple of toys with the TV on. It felt a little abusive or neglectful, but I cant lie...I got a lot done around the house that afternoon!
We had a heat wave come through, and it was a bit miserable without a/c. It drained everyone of energy. Braylin NEVER falls asleep in our laps, but she was obviously worn out.

We have great friends who have helped watch Braylin so Joel and I can both be up at the store getting things done. This is her very favorite friend, Enoch. She lights up even when she just sees a picture of him.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

graham crackers and bible is goood!

Things have been so crazy around here. Braylin and I got to stay home and have our normal routine yesterday. It was wonderful. I know I blogged yesterday, so it is a shock that I am blogging today. When I blogged, I realized how terrible I have been about taking pictures. Braylin had a couple of picture worthy moments yesterday, and I wanted to share.

Braylin is a little climber. She loves to climb into chairs. Yesterday all she wanted to do was sit in her rocking chair with her toddler Bible. She talked and "read" for a looooong time. It was very adorable!

Later, Braylin and I were in the living room. She walked out, but I figured I could stay seated for a few minutes before chasing after her. After a few minutes I realized it was very quiet which made me very nervous. When I turned the corner to the kitchen, this is what I found.

Our tall little girl pulled down the whole box of graham crackers and dug right on in.

She managed to take a bite out of each one in the package. The good news is, I had just mopped the floor. The bad news is, I had just mopped the floors. I am learning as a mom, nothing stays clean for long!

I love my little Munchkin and could not be more blessed by this little girl!

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching Up

Sorry people, but I don't have many pics to show. I have gotten terrible about taking them, which yes, I regret. I'll still catch you up on the things that have been going on though.
This picture was Brayin just being cute before church.

Mom and Dad came out and visited the last week in June. We had a blast! We went to the coast and it was BEAUTIFUL. (Which, if you have ever been to the Oregon coast, you know it's a rarity) We thought Braylin would love playing in the sand, but she was pretty terrified. She would do anything she could not to touch it. She ended up sitting in Poppy's lap the whole time. Mom got to go to the Baby Shower for Camden with me. We were blessed by the shower and the fact that mom was there. We are starting to feel more ready for Camden to be here. The countdown to Camden has begun...1 month! While mom and dad were here, Braylin had to have a test run at the hospital. She is having urinary tract problems. We are going to a specialist July 14th, so we will know more details then.

The shower hostesses.

4th of July was a fun family day (despite having to work). It started with Mommy and Braylin cheering dad on in the Butte to Butte (6.2 mile run). We went to church where Braylin showed off her walking skills. Work, then we grilled sausage and hamburgers while Dad did little fireworks for Braylin. Her new favorite saying is "Oh Wow". And that is all she said the whole time. She LOVED the fireworks. Paisley on the other hand....not so much. We gave her Benadryl, but that didn't really work. We were so afraid she was going to have a heart attack from all the noise. We thought we lost her at one point, but after much searching the house, found her squeezed UNDER Braylin's crib. What a protector we have...a dog that hides under the baby.

Braylin watching the fireworks.

The butte to butte runner. We are so proud of all of you!

Braylin has been walking for about a week now. At first, she walked with her hands above her head for balance, but she is getting better. Now, she keeps her hands in her armpit (looks like chicken wings). She is slowly working her way down. You can tell she is pretty proud of herself. It's crazy to see how many changes Braylin has made and how big she is getting. She is more and more of a blessing every single day, and more and more fun too!!

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