Sunday, February 14, 2010

First Valentines (and 10 month post)

Well, I am late again with the 10 month post, but I now have new pictures. As for this past month, she has seemed to develop and grow by the day. She is quite the chatter box and is trying really hard to mimic everything said (even the preacher during church!) Joel has been absolutely incredible working extra long hours at the store alone and letting me stay home with Braylin. Being home has helped her development tremendously. We got a bad report card at our 9 month appointment, so we have had some ground to make up. With hard work and tears, Braylin is eating really well and gaining weight, she is scooting across the floor, going from laying to sitting and now standing. She is also giving kisses if you ask! We are so proud of the progress she has made and expect her to try walking in no time.

As for Valentine's weekend:
(Caution: Church of Christ people, don't freak out or hold this against us!)

It started by getting ready for the big Valentines dance at church.

Our adorable little Valentine!

This was the best family photo we could get out of her.
Dancing with Dad

Hanging with the girls and Logan. This is the boy that she stood up and kissed on the mouth last weekend. She got in big trouble by her daddy.
She had her first experience with Hawaiian Time. Delicious, but that rice is extremely sticky. I wish you could see the other leg, because it was covered in rice. It took forever to scrub off, but she LOVED it- the rice, not the scrubbing.

Valentines ended with new Paul Frank pajamas. Aren't they so cute! Pop Pop and Granny gave her these for Christmas, but it just now warm enough for her not to need the feet. Valentines seemed like the perfect day to pull them out.

It has been awesome month, and the next will be even better. We find out in just a few days if we are having a boy or girl. We'll let you all know!

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