Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My big ole babies having a Merry Thanksmas!

I woke up this morning with a strange sadness about how big my babies are. Camden is 4 months old today. 4 months...somehow I feel like I have missed out on his newborn stage. (this could be that it only took him 3 weeks to far surpass his age range in clothes, but still....I'm so sad that it's already gone.) I still have baby weight hanging around to remind me, but that's not quite the reminder I am looking for. Anyway, besides Camden, I was watching a video of Braylin from 2 months ago, and it is AMAZING how much she has grown. She is understanding more, mimicking more (which is scary sometimes) and saying more words and ideas every single day. It is fun and exciting but also makes me a little weary thinking of the unknown struggles I will soon be facing.

We are running full force into the holidays. We had to combine holidays and have them both early to have almost everyone (we missed you Jacob) together for the Kindberg family gathering. It was properly named "Thanksmas" and was worth every second of time together. Josh and Jessica were wonderful hosts, Granny and Pop Pop did way too much with gifts (THANKS again) and we enjoyed seeing Aunt Sarah and meeting Justin (Sarah's boyfriend).

We spent the rest of the week at Nanna and Poppy's house. We hung out sorta decorated for Christmas, went to the light parade and watched the Thanksgiving Day parade and dog show over and over.

Just for comparison sake, here is Braylin at 4 months eating rice cereal for the first time.
Here is Camden at 4 months eating rice cereal for the first time. Like Braylin, he was a huge fan! It's okay to laugh...the comparison is hysterical!
Braylin and Daddy are watching the light parade.

Braylin "helping" decorate the Christmas tree.
And here are some "Thanksmas" Pics
Aunt Sarah is amazing and gave Braylin her first haircut! We LOVE it!
Camden snuggling with Sarah
Uncle Tim came over and hung out for a night too! Cam seemed to enjoy spending time him :)
Granny had the magic touch with Camden. She could put him to sleep when no one else could!

Braylin loved playing at the park She still loves to swing and had a blast playing with the "bawl" (her precious little accent) and she liked sliding with aunt Jessica.
One socked Camden chillin with Uncle Josh

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  1. Well hello! I feel like a terrible friend because I completely lost track of time, haven't been keeping up with anyone's blogs....and somehow missed the event of Camden being born!! He is so adorable! Congrats...4 months late. :) And all I can say is WOW. I really cannot believe what all y'all have done in these past few months! You are one strong woman! Keep us updated on how things are going as houseparents. We have friends in Amarillo that are doing the same thing. What a great ministry opportunity.. Blessings and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!