Thursday, April 12, 2012

Before you know it, a year goes by...

I know that it is comical that I am actually blogging. Life never seems to slow down and I never have time to get everything done, but now that I am anxiously awaiting Piper Kate's arrival (Yes, we are having another girl), I am finding myself sitting today, so I figure I might as well be somewhat productive. Yes, I realize it has been a year since my last blog....serious fail. I will not recap the whole year, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

As far as our lives go, Joel is still in Seminary and has transferred to Southwestern. It has simplified our lives a ton and he is still really enjoying school. We are still working as Resident Parents at Happy Hill Farm Academy. Braylin and Camden are growing like crazy and are the sweetest little things. They love each other and are great playmates.

Since I need so start somewhere, here are pics from our Easter Break.

It all started by having a picnic at "the play-park" as Braylin calls it.

We pretended to be at the beach by bringing beach toys to the sand volleyball court.
Easter Egg hunting was so much fun at Nanna and Poppy's (they did not grow weary even though there might have been overkill on the number of eggs for 2 little kids)

We celebrated Braylin's birthday with a trip to the zoo. Thanks to Jill, Kevin, Jay and Traci for the passes. We can't wait to go back!
They made a friend :)
We ended Easter Break with a picnic and play time at Big Rock Park. We seriously underestimated how soaked they would become while wading in the river. We were so impressed that Camden could actually walk in the currant.
We ended Braylin's actual birthday with a Princess themed party with the girls. Braylin loved the attention she got when everyone sang to her, although she later told Joel "It made me kind of shy."

As life is only going to get more hectic with Piper, my goal is to blog again in a year. Anything more than that, folks, is going to be a bonus!

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  1. Hilarious! HOW PRECIOUS are your babies?!? Love and miss you guys!